"I wonder if we are unique, i mean the minority we exemplify. The female strungle, not in generalities, but our specific struggles. To me insurmountable to achieve an ultimate expression, requires the complete dedication seemingly only man can attain. A singleness of purpose no obstructions allowed seems a man's pregorative. His domain. A woman is sidetracked by all her feminine roles from menstrual periods to cleaning house to remaining pretty and young and having babies. If she refuses to stop there she yet must cope with them. She's a disadvantage from the beginning... She also lacks conviction that she has the right to achievement. She also lacks the belief that her achievements are worthy. Therefore she has not the steadfastness necessary to carry ideas to the full developments. There are handfuls that suceeded, but less when one separates the women from the women that assumed the masculine role. A fantastic strength is necessary and courage. I dwell on this all the time. My determination and will is strong but i am lacking so in self esteem that i never seen to overcome. Also competing all the time with a man with self confidence in his work and who is sucessful also.
I feel you have similar problems which is also evident in your work. Are we worthy of this struggle and will we surmount the obstacles. We are more than dilettantes so we can't even have their satisfactions of accomplishment. The making of a pretty dress sucessful party pretty picture does not satisfy us. We want to achieve something meaningful and to feel our involvements make of us valuable thinking persons.
Read "The second sex". I am finishing book now.
I've always suffered with these thoughts but now i've temporarily found a spokesman. But naturally i don't feel a native ability that she or others has that have succeeded."

Letter to Ethelyn Honig, Eva Hesse (1965)
from Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art - A sourcebook of Artists writings