More nice mail! Lovely postcard from Ludmila, Russia.

Por cierto, me hace mucha gracia como algunas personas llegan aquí, buscar en google "como se escanea un float" me ha llegado al alma.

Photomontages by Tom Chambers

Illustrations by Pat Rocha

Photography by Phillip Graybill

Illustrations by Colette Calascione

Photos by Matt Caplin. 18 años y ya haciendo unas fotos preciosas.
Hoy me han llamado del ayuntamiento y estoy la mar de contenta, siempre quise tener un puesto en el que tener mis cositas... ¡y por fin lo conseguí! Dentro de poco os informaré :)

Illustrations by Eugene Ivanov

Illustrations by Cassandra Warren

Photography by Stanko Abadzic

Photography by Louise Fago

More mail art. This is from Julianna Swaney, also known as Oh my cavallier now. It's amazing how artists can grow :)

Stills from Who wants to kill to Jessie, from the czech Václav Vorlícek

Snow white by Nancy Ekholm Burkert

Postcard i got for my 23 birthday from Diane, París.

Preparing material for a new project!

Fashion illustrations by Laura Laine

Photography by Desiree Dolron

Another one collage postcard made by my friend Jurate from Lithuania, she is a great artist, i hope she updates her page very soon. You can see some of her artwork here