Illustrations by Kay Nielsen. One of my favourite fairytale illustrators.

I love this craftroom!
Taken by here

Laura, the sunflowers fairy
Such a funny afternoom yesterday taking photographs in a beautiful sunflowers field :)

Photographs by Yamamoto Masao
Pocas horas después, estragado por la vigilia, entró al taller de Aureliano y le preguntó:"¿Qué día es hoy?" Aureliano le contestó que era martes. "Eso mismo pensaba yo, dijo José Arcadio Buendía. Pero de pronto me he dado cuenta de que sigue siendo lunes, como ayer. Mira el cielo, mira las paredes, mira las begoñas, también hoy es lunes". Acostumbrado a sus manías, Aureliano no le hizo caso. Al día siguiente, miércoles, José Arcadio Buendía volvió al taller. "Esto es un desastre, dijo. Mira el aire, oye el zumbido del sol, igual que ayer y antier. También hoy es lunes".

Cien años de soledad, Gabriel García Márquez

Illustrations by TranNguyen

I wanna go there.

New collection from Orla Kielly
and a pretty new for you: today i've been at the Ikea store buying some frames for my collages because since the next week... you could buy them in Etsy :)!

Photographs by Steven Meisel, for Vogue Italy.

Great halloween photo by Ben Pier. I cannot wait for that day, it's one of my favourites, specially for seeing good horror movies with hot chocolate & handmade cookies with friends. and i'm thinking already in my birthday party... a picnic in the mountain or a tea-time in a cute coffee-shop. Wich of both you would choose?

More cute kitchen products! It seems that's the theme of the week!
These are made by Esther Coombs

Anna Atkins was a genius. I adore her work about plants in cyanotype.

a photo of myself taken by my friend Laura.

I got a very nice message from Edvard Derket since his gallery KG52 based in Stockholm.
They are going to do a collage exhibition-competition and i'm invited to participate, but you can do it also, clicking for more info here!
Collages at the top are from Jutta Arleryd (left) & Edvard Derket (right).

Illustrations by Bec Winnel

More cute plates, in this ocassion from Lama.

Good nights.

Karin Eriksson's products are so beautiful!

I've always loved these collages made by barfday. and yes... i'm going to write in english again, because i know there's so many readers from the world, more than here in Spain.

Fotografías de Marco Trinchillo. Me encanta ese toque otoñal casi invernal que tienen.

Ilustraciones de Heisuke Kitazawa

Me without you, de Sandra Goldbacher; una película genial :)

¿Hay alguna canción mejor para empezar el día? :)